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Tyre recyclers hit out at Agency fire guidance

The Environment Agency’s failure to listen to tyre recyclers on stack sizes could inadvertently increase the risk of fires on waste sites.

This was the message from the Tyre Recovery Association (TRA) today as it urged the Agency to amend its controversial Fire Prevention Plan guidance.

Currently the Environment Agency is undertaking a periodic review of the guidance, which is due to be published in the coming weeks.

The document will review current procedure for stack sizes and separation distances on waste sites, with contributions from the Waste Industry Safety and Health (WISH) forum, Chief Fire Officers Association and Wood Recyclers Association.

But criticising the review process, the TRA has argued it has “repeatedly” called for amendments to the permitted stack heights and fire breaks in the guidance over the past four years, to little avail.

The TRA believes that if due action is not taken, unregulated businesses will profit while those with a proven background will rapidly be forced out of the industry.

For more information, see original article here.

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