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Moores metals had outgrown their current site due to increased business growth and urgently needed to find a suitable new location. It was vital to ensure that business disruption was kept to a minimum and the lengthy process fo finding a suitable site could have been disruptive for the company.

Moores Metals engaged AC Environmental to apply their "site finder" management process to ensure a smooth transition. As part of this service AC Environmental manager the whole process from finding and screenign potential sites to working with Moores Metals on the acquisition of the chosen site, to planning, permitting and constrcution.

Beginning the search for a suitable site, AC Environmental completed thorough research and identified various possible locations. The next step consisted of presenting a detailed report outlining planning and construction solutions, providing Moores Metals with the information to make the correct decision, which was to purchase a 4 acre, now derelict, former oil refinery.

Acquisition of a former oil refinery is not a straightforward process and AC Environmental produced an Environemtal Impact Assessment, includign wildlfife, flood risk, noise, duct, landscape and contaminated land assessments to aid in financing the acquisition. Following the completion of the deal planning permission for the site was obtained and development of the sitem, project managed by AC Environmental, began. During the construction phase, and environmental permit application was prepared and submitted.

The site began operation in 2013 and has allowed Moores Metals to continue their expansion, brancghing out to become a specialist stainless steel recycler through their subsidiary Moorway Stainless.

To further aid transition, AC Environmental provided COTC cover for the first two years of operation of the site while Moores Metals developed to their management team to enable them to take on this important role themselves.

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