Environmental Compliance

The range of environmental legislation now in place is so complex that many businesses are not aware of their obligations and risk falling foul of the law inadvertently.

AC Environmental recently introduced a new service aimed at providing ongoing support to smaller waste and recycling companies to enable them to meet their environmental obligations.

The service is based on a monthly retainer and ensures that our clients can focus on their main business whilst leaving the paperwork and compliance issues to us. The service includes putting in place all relevant paperwork such as Duty of Care Waste Transfer Notes, hazardous Waste Consignment Notes and ensuring quarterly returns to the Environment Agency are completed on time. We also deal with regulators, such as the Agency and local planning on our clients behalf.

Usually, where clients are experiencing problems with regulators we can step in and resolve matters very quickly.Our long experience in this industry and our extensive contacts throughout the industry and within regulators enables to rapidly deal with any situations that arise, leaving our customers free to focus on running their business.

We pride ourselves on being open and honest with our clients. We have no hidden charges or “extras”; our service is based on a small flat monthly fee which we feel offers very good value for money.

If you are interest in what we can offer, please give us a call.

 Environmental Compliance

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