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The Construction sector has not been as affected by waste related issues as other sectors, but this has changed in recent years.

Environmental Permitting under the Environmental Protection Act 1990 made it illegal to use waste materials in construction in many circumstances, without an environmental permit. Industry initiatives such as the C:LAIRE code of practice avoid the need for a permit but simply replace one bureaucratic approval process with another.

In many cases we find that construction and development companies are simply unaware of the range of waste related issues that may affect them until the Environment Agency knock on the door.

AC Environmental work with construction companies from the tender stage through to the project itself advising on permit issues, C:LAIRE code of practice, Materials Management Plans and aggregates protocol issues.

We make applications for environmental permits, exemptions, C:LAIRE Materials Management Plans and Aggregates Protocols Procedures. We're also technically competent persons (COTC Holders) for environmental permits and C:LAIRE approved persons.

If your project involves using waste materials, a call to us can make your project run more smoothly and save you money.

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