COTC Cover

AC Environmental can provide COTC qualified personnel to your site(s) in order that as an operator you can comply with the minimum attendance requirements for "a competent person" as required by the Environmental Permitting Regulations. 

With decades of operational experience in all types of waste facilities we fully understand the challenges in operating waste management sites of all types. Our Technically Competent Managers can provide that necessary COTC cover on sites of all types.

Our customers include construction companies, major UK PLCs, scrap metal yards, local authorities, skip hire and waste management companies and we provide COTC cover for mobile plant operations, transfer stations, treatment plants and landfill sites.

Employing full-time, fully qualified staff can be costly; especially when the requirement for Technically Competent Management may only be for a few hours a week, or even less for Closed Landfill. A call to AC Environmental for your COTC cover may actually save you money.

We provide holiday and sickness cover, short term/interim or long term COTC cover on the following facilities:


Level 4

Waste Management Operations:

  • Landfill Hazardous Wastes (4LH)
  • Landfill Non - Hazardous Wastes (4LNH)
  • Transfer Hazardous Wastes (4TSH)
  • Transfer Non - Hazardous Wastes (4TSNH)
  • Treatment Hazardous Wastes (4TMH)
  • Treatment Non - Hazardous Wastes (4TMNH)

Level 3

Waste Management Operations:

  • Inert Landfill (3INL)
  • Closed landfill (3CL)
  • Inert Waste (Treatment) (3INTM)
  • Inert Waste (Transfer) (3INTS)
  • Civic Amenity Site (3CAS)


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